Sketching in The Greek Isles

April 14 – May 3 2018

Rhodes 1 night *  Halki 4 nights. * Tilos 4 nights. *  Nissiros 3 nights. *  Kalymnos 6 nights.

Our Kate is the tutor on this year’s Greek Isles sketch Tour. We love the Dodecanese Isles and Diana, our tour organiser knows we like to change it up a little every two years when we’re there, so these are the islands she’s picked for us.

The group all met on an exciting Saturday night in Rhodes and began with hearing what lovely places they’d be visiting from both Kate and Diana, and getting to know their fellow sketchers.

The first island would be after Rhodes would be Halki. below we’re seeing some of the pics of everyone getting into their first day of sketching. You soon relax whether a first time sketcher or one of our experienced people, each creating their own memorable moments.

Watch this space for more form our Greek Isles sketchers.


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