Sunday Workshop. People Faces and Figures

Sunday April 22 ’18

A smaller group this time due to some last minute postponements, but great for those who attended. We’d be doing a lot of looking at shape, page planning and use of simple colour, with as few as 3 colours.
One of our more experienced sketchers took the chance to refresh this particular class and was delighted with the results.
All out sketchers let go and had that pen racing around the page making delicious shapes and forms.

Part of this class is to see how our layering system works. One colour over another with bright and colourful effects. Where to put the lights and the darks. For those sketchers who travel it’s ideal to have such a minimal kit. You can do anything with this.

Lets take a look.
Sausage people are great for working out people proportion, standing as a family the some action. To get the idea of the colours that can be created with just 3, we do our cup apple banana exercise. Then fast sketches of one another, and finally using watercolours, and enjoying a well deserved lunch, the collaborative people sketch. How much fun can you have in someone else’s book!! A very successful day and thank you everyone for producing such lovely results.

See you at the next Workshop. Sunday May 20. Simple architecture.

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