Week 1 Term 2. Sketching What You See

Saturday 28th April, 2018

We’re off again. First time sketchers have started with our essential ‘how to see’ your subject and already feel relived. They could actually follow their tutors guidance and magic happened on the page. Those who start next week – on May 2 – will do the same.

Foe Travel Sketching we will be following the way some of our favourite sketch artists interpret their subjects. We have always enjoyed seeing how others see similar scenes as we do. But what pens do they use? What kind of lines do they make? whats do they do with colour? All this helps us decide how we would like to go about our own sketching.

This week it’s an old favourite – Felix Scheinburger.


Travel Sketching with Toni

Small class today with several away. Lots of time to discuss Felix loose approach to line and colour. Lots of fun sketching eachother. They asked to stay in the studio, ‘much more relaxing’. The feedback was that this style makes sketching people and looking for character much more fun and less scary. A couple of sketchers are planning on buying Felix urban watercolour sketching book.

Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye (Erin this week)

A lovely group arrived for their class tonight. A little nervous and excited but as soon as we opened our little sketch kits and got started calm prevailed. First big shape, then completing the jigsaw. Step away and take a look. You’ve just sketched your first vase of hibiscus. Everyone breathes a little. We’ve done it. Next a quick cup/Apple/banana exercise using just 3 colours. There is surprise at how layering simple colours creates such richness in their work. A very happy week 1.


Sydney Adventure Sketching
with Kathy

This was a combined class of Adventure and General doing make ups. I wanted them all to have a go at Felix style so they didn’t miss out, so sketching each other was a great warm up. The rememberance poppies were sketched in the studio before we walked down the hill to the ceremony. I think they worked as a link between Felix and The gravitas of the day. As we were standing at the back of the crowd it took the stress out of people sketching and both people, kids and dogs stayed relatively still. We moved to Girdlers to add colour to our crowd scenes, trying to keep it minimal for added impact, flags, poppy buttonholes, bugle.


‘Let’s Explore Watercolour’ Workshop
with Toni

Our first watercolour workshop was lots of fun. We started with intros to hear what everyone wanted to learn, then a warmup continuous line sketch before watercolour demos. Colour application (wet on wet, colour blending, dry brush, pigment/water ratios and glazing) brush techniques, trying different types of brushes (natural and synthetic, flat brush, mop brush etc). We then tested different types of paper and compared results. (Thanks Larry Post) Lots of play and experimentation before applying new techniques to sample sketches. The emphasis was on creative exploration and playing with colour. Watercolour pencil on top of watercolour paint was really popular.


Thursday Eve Travel
with Kathy

Much excitement as Felix was introduced. Here’s how you’ll sketch tonight. It may have been a long day but this will energise you. No need to worry about getting your people ‘right’ cos here it’s all just letting it go. And you did by golly. Nice to see everyone embrace a bunch of character people and toss a lot of pure colour around. Great results from all.


Intro to Travel Sketching
with Pamela & Donna

A very keen group starting today. Pamela here, with Donna to share the lesson and be sure everyone gets plenty of attention. The hibiscus is such a lovely first sketch and people who couldn’t believe they had any ‘talent’ at all, definitely find they do. Followed then was our sketch exercise in 3 colours. This shows you how minimal your sketch kit needs to be. From these 3 you’ll get enough colours for most of your sketches – if you don’t feel like using more! Love work everyone.

The Rocks Travel Sketching
with Tammy

Felix Scheinberger is a “Hit”.
His style was immediately embraced. This lesson was an absolute delight. As soon as one of the students arrived home she messaged to say it was a great class and has now ordered the book.
The warm up sketch: sketched with the wrong hand was a great start to ‘letting go’


Travel Sketching
with Kathy ( Erin this week)

Everyone was wondering what the first subject would be for the new term. In fact we did a quick ‘other hand’ frangipani sketch for Therese. She’s been a Saturday sketcher since forever. We farewelled her yesterday. She has a place in all our hearts.
Channeling Felix Scheinberger this week. Big continuous line character people. Lots of black corners and bright lips and cheeks.
We had a look at the way he treats his person sketches and in we went. Anyone who was opposite you was a target. Nobody could be offended as it was too much fun. Every sketch was new way of working for all. Break the rules and throw caution to the wind. Wow.

See you here next week to see Week 2


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