Week 3 Term 2. Victorian Architecture Influence

Saturday 12th May, 2018

Our Intro sketchers are well on the way to seeing shape, form, and dimension. It’s water, sea and composition for this week. Quite a step up and everyone did a great job.

For Travel Sketching we were taking a good look at one of our old favourites – the English artist David Gentleman. He has some wonderful sketches of parks, gardens and many Victorian style architecture. So our sketchers turned Federation to Victorian and did our best to keep loose and simple. A complete change from last week!


Travel Sketching with Toni

Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye

Blue mountains
Intro to Travel Sketching with Anna


Sydney Adventure Sketching
with Kathy

The Rocks
Intro to Travel Sketching with Tammy


Travel Sketching with Kathy

Blue mountains
Travel Sketching with Anna


Intro to Travel Sketching with Pamela & Donna

The Rocks
Travel Sketching with Tammy


Travel Sketching with Kathy

Special Workshops

Sketch & Lunch – India
In Harris Park with Anna

Sticks, Ink & Watercolour Workshop
at the Manly Studio with Kathy

That’s all folks. See you here next week for Week 4!


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