Week 4 Term 2. Teapots, Paint and Hilarity

Saturday 19th May, 2018

By week 4 we are well and truly immersed in our sketching progress. You will have a book full of lines, marks, swatches, colours, notes and fun sketches which are the results of practice practice and more practice. You’ll remember doing each and every one. And loving it.

Teapots were big this week. Not only big but hilarious teapots too. We were channeling  Danny Gregory’s very amusing not too serious style. We were right into that. Talk about fun. You’ll see what we mean.

Watercolours were the medium this week for new sketchers, and look at the great results. An excellent week for all our classes and students.


Travel Sketching with Toni

Evening Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye

Blue mountains
Intro to Travel Sketching with Anna


Sydney Adventure Sketching
with Kathy

The Rocks
Intro to Travel Sketching with Tammy


Evening Travel Sketching with Kathy

Blue mountains
Travel Sketching with Anna


Intro to Travel Sketching with Pamela & Donna

The Rocks
Travel Sketching with Tammy


Travel Sketching with Kathy

Special Workshops this week

Watercolour Workshop: Water, Harbours & Oceans
at the Manly Studio with Toni


That’s all folks. See you here next week for Week 5!


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