Sunday Taste of Sketching Workshop

Sunday May 20th ’18 with Tammy

Theme this month: Simple Architecture.
Once everyone had settled and met each other, our first ‘warmup’ exercise was to observe some iron gates and sketch the colour and texture.
A flat perspective of the oldest church in Manly was our next mission. It happens to be Market Day on Sundays, so being very flexible, we moved from our planned sketch spot , and took another view round the corner.
Starting with a thumbnail sketch, we planned out the shapes in a small version of what we see, which makes it much simpler to start the bigger sketch.

Lunch nearby was chance to re-energise and get acquainted with our watercolour sets.
Colour can then be added to our flat perspective and when food arrives, a fun chance to sketch what we’ll soon be enjoying, on the plate and on the page.

Lovely work from everyone and a most enjoyable day.
Keep up the sketching now that you’ve started and we’ll see you again soon.

Next Workshop. Sunday June 24.  ©ErinHillSketching

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