Welcome to ErinHill Sketch School ….Yes You CAN Sketch……..

‘One of the best things about learning to Travel Sketch is the pleasure you get from putting lines on paper, the fun people you learn with, and the amount of laughing you’ll do.’

Erin Hill Sketching is an international school which offers foundation to advanced classes in Australia, New Zealand, and the South of France.

Our passionate tutors are qualified in the EHS training system so you’ll have the same high quality experience in all our Courses, Workshops and Sketch Holidays wherever you are.

Build a life-changing sketching habit, and it’ll change your world.

As sketchers, you want to learn. You want to feel your artistic powers growing. You want to be part of a community that will inspire you to push through creative obstacles, pick you up when you’re in a rut and celebrate your breakthroughs.

That’s us. We show you how.

Drawing and sketching promotes incredibly positive outcomes and can work wonders on your well-being.

Together, we can sketch our way toward a happier, more creative world


We take you through the first steps in the Intro classes and build your skills to take you on. Can’t draw a straight line? Not even a stick figure? Your auntie has talent but you don’t ? You are perfect for our classes.

10 progressive weeks. Step by step. If you haven’t sketched with us before you’ll start here.
You’ll learn to sketch, use watercolours and several other mediums, all designed to fit in your page and be portable for traveling.

Try our popular New Sketcher Sunday Workshops.
Every one of of students said the above or similar.
Now they are sketching happily.

We work through a program and you’ll learn something more each week.
Click here to see our Intro Sketch Courses and timetables
Below are some of the subjects we cover over the 10 weeks:

How to See
Observing your subject.
Page planning. Getting that 3d thing onto your page.
Easy Colour with Sketching
Trees and gardens.
People made easy.
Sea and sky.
Beaches and boats
Looking at Perspective
Composition and focus in Sketching


TRAVEL SKETCHING COURSES ( For those who’ve completed an Intro Course)
For our passionate students who return term after term, every class is different and more progressive.
You will be learning watercolour, aquarelle, inks, gouache and many more surprising techniques, on a variety of paper.
Our sketch kit is portable and designed to go traveling with you.
We are guiding you to let go, loosen up and feel free.

Travel Sketching means we sketch rain or shine.
Bring a big umbrella if it looks like rain, a folding stool, and a sun hat if you feel the heat.
A reasonable level of fitness is important, and bring a fold up stool if you like.

This is not an Art Class as you know it. We won’t be teaching you to paint a perfect painting! Or draw something exact and precise.
You’ll be sketching what you see on location, as you do when traveling, in the time you have.  Your impression.
We will however teach you the foundation skills of how to see, to sketch an impression, and to use watercolours and other mediums to an advanced level.
Nothing matters but enjoying what you do.

ERIN HILL SKETCH SCHOOLS are in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, South of France.
Workshops in Boston – Sunday October 21 2018.
New York – Sunday October 28 2018

EHS SKETCH HOLIDAYS are designed for those who are passionate about travel, sketching, history and discovering slightly out of the way places they may not find on their own.
All the above with a fully escorted group.
We take you to magical parts of Europe and Greek Isles, USA and South Pacific.


Our students come from all walks of life.

  • People who’ve always wanted to sketch but never felt they could.
  • People who’ve painted and sketched but want to loosen up and understand simple colour.
  • People who have decided it’s time to do something new for themselves.
  • Young professionals who spend their work life on computers and traveling.
  • Academics who crave a chance to be creative.
  • Mothers who want some ‘me time’ while kids are in school.
  • In fact EHS is for everybody!

All enquiries and bookings see our bookings page or email erin@erinhill.com.au