Sketch your Cake, & Learn to Sketch

Learn to Sketch, and Eat Cake.

“Sketch your Cake” is only available by private arrangement. If you have 6 or more people for a special occasion then this is perfect. At The Tea Room, Boronia House, Mosman.

You will learn to apply your growing sketching skills to the delightful and elegant cup cakes served at the restaurant. The reward is in eating each delicious fare after you have sketched it. A novel and companionable way to advance your sketching skills.

It’s a great opportunity for people who would love to learn to sketch but not in the conventional class situation.  Arrange your own group who are equally keen to learn to sketch beautiful food in this beloved and genteel tradition.

What you’ll learn

You will learn ‘how to see’ which is the first building block of all drawing and sketching.
I will show you how to get your sketches on the page of your sketchbook, using a black pen. Then how to complete your sketch using layers of watercolour pencil with a touch of waterbrush for some surprising highlights.
You’ll share and enjoy other tea companions sketches, and learn much about travel sketching along the way.

No experience necessary.


$65 Minimum 6 people.  ( $15 extra if you’d like a sketchbook and black waterproof pen.)


What to bring?

You’ll need our 1/2 Sketch Kit if you don’t have your own.

How to book

Contact to book your place.


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  2. I came across your website in the images of blue vases. I have published 2 books in my Blue Vase series – one about Provence, Italy and Greece, and one of Paris and Beyond. I’m working on a third about Ireland, England. I teach travel sketching classes, and if I were in Australia, I’d join you for the food sketching – one of my favorites. I’d love to go on your trips in Sept., but I’m taking a group to Tuscany next year.


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