Find plenty of ways to improve your Travel Sketching with tips and tricks directly from Erin. We’ll be adding new information regularly. Watch this space.

The Erin Hill way is designed to get you sketching a quick impression, and apply colour in the time you have. We teach Travel Sketching in our classes and here we want to share with you some of our best tips and tricks for you to practice at home.

You are welcome to print or download them and try for yourself.

How to applying watercolour (the Erin Hill way)

  • Leave plenty of white paper top and sides of the subject
  • We apply one colour at a time, first in the palette to check how much water or pigment to use.
  • Then apply large strokes to quickly cover the area.
  • The next colour goes on top of that. And so on.
  • No premixing, just let the colours do that themselves on the paper.

How to sketch a field of flowers

How to compose a scene and incorporate boats and water

How to sketch a scene that is mostly of green grape vines