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These are a few of the very kind words people have said about
myself and our tutor’s Sketch Tutoring.
I bring to sketching a passion for passing on all I know and to see people who do not think they can – become dedicated sketchers.


 I’m so excited!  I’m coming to Trausse to sketch with you.  As a matter of fact, in my last watercolour course at Emily Carr University, we were asked to bring in to class, an artist we admired and then paint the still life in that persons style, so I chose you!!! I painted a wine bottle, fruit etc and added French bits and pieces.  I seem to change Vancouver scenes into French looking scenes! I love France!

Bibs, Vancouver

Image 21

One of the 5 Week sketchers said today, ‘I’ve learnt more in 4 lessons here than in years of art lessons elsewhere…’.
Great feedback that the core skills of travel sketching classes are effective 😉


 “I loved the class on Saturday, thank you, you always give us something new, fun and challenging.”

– Kay, one of our regular Saturday students


“Fiji and the Daku Resort was wonderful, relaxed, welcoming, great accommodation with excellent food, what else would you want? Yes, we had it all, a great teacher who imparted her knowledge so freely and with so much fun!! Thank you Erin you are “tops” and that delightful man of yours, Milton for his care and support. I had a wonderful holiday and looking forward to doing it again…Oops!! and the lovely group of “girls” a fun bunch of people.”

-Susan from Kiama who didn’t know us before our Fiji trip and now drives to Sydney every week for class.

IMG_2412 - Version 2

Dear Erin

I am so happy to be receiving your emails about the classes I am sadly missing. However as we cruise the rivers of Europe I am excited to be sketching away and look forward  to sharing my humble works with you when we return. I was so interested to see the jacaranda class and was transported to the very same class last year and can recall my efforts at that time. I guess I am becoming a true sketcher thanks to you. Please pass on my regards to the girls and tell them I look forward to joining my Saturday group if not this year then next. Once again thank you for enabling me to add another dimension to my enjoyment of travelling through sketching. It is a really fun thing to do and a priceless way of recording my experiences. Dave is still the best judge of when I should ” step away”

Regards Cathy

IMG_1428_2Dear Erin,

Thank you for including me in your fantastic week of sketching at Daku Resort, Savusavu, Fiji. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to learn with you, and what can be achieved by putting pen to paper. I didn’t envisage the results I got – amazing. This week has been a very special time for me. So thank you Erin for your time, patience and zest.

Vinaka vaka levu.

Lolomas, Betty.

( Betty joined us from New Zealand to meet up with her friend Jenny Chapman, friends since childhood in Fiji. )


Hi Erin,

Thank you for a great week out and about Sketching in Manly. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning to sketch quickly , which is something different and also experiencing Manly with a local , The highlight of course, my ferry ride to  sketch the Opera House and the Bridge. I will be able to put these new skills to good use wherever and whenever  I travel being able to easily carry my visual diary and my paints, pens and colored pencils with me in my bag.

A big thank  you to all the friendly students I joined in the classes and our many visits to the varied coffee shops in and about Manly it was an extremely enjoyable and relaxing time. I will certainly come back soon to join in your sketching Out and About Manly and recommend to others as a rewarding experience.

Warm regards  Jeanette

( Jeanette was a Sketch & Stay student from country Victoria, is now opening ErinHill Sketching Melbourne in 2016)


Thank you Erin, I loved your comments describing who you are. The best thing that happened to me lately was to go to the French Fair buying ‘French Living’ and finding you.Love Diana

Penny. My backyard

Penny. My backyard

Hi Erin
Many thanks for sending yesterday’s sketches and for your guidance and encouragement. I’m very enthusiastic about sketching when travelling.
Here’s a watercolour I did yesterday afternoon in the backyard.
All the best
( Penny chose a Private lesson before travelling)

Robbie. Up the Hawkesbury

Robbie. Up the Hawkesbury

 I have always wanted to paint…but now, with some difficulty holding a brush, needed something light and breezy, without too much of a classroom or technique driven class.   With Erin’s delightful encouragement I’ve discovered  exactly what joy it is to immerse yourself in capturing the moment. We start with a quick challenge in the studio lesson …then as oft the case with the  true artist …skip down the hills and vales to do “En Plein Air ” sketching….whether it be Paris,  Fiji, Ettalong or the marvels of Manly . I hope to enjoy many many more coffee and lunch focused days with this lovely group…with plenty of splashy outdoor colours thrown in ….so much fun Erin ! “

– Robbie

Pam. On the Corso.

Pam. On the Corso.

Since joining Erin’s sketch classes my eyes have really been opened and I now see things very differently.

I love taking photographs but to actually sketch something makes it so much more memorable. I have met a lovely and varied bunch of people along the way and I look forward to many more classes and trips (and coffees) Thank you Erin for your encouragement – you are an inspiration to all of us.


Girls at Balmoral Beach

Girls at Balmoral Beach

Erin’s teaching technique is to encourage even the most reticent of sketchers.  With this she creates an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. It’s as much about the act of creation and concentration as the final product. We really do enjoy our sketching time together, whether touring the streets and cafes of Sydney or trips away to explore the bush, the beaches and waterways.

Jo (friend & yoga teacher)


Erin – I love attending the sketch your cake every month. I get to practice my sketching, enjoy the company of other “sketchers” and have a lovely afternoon tea. There are no set rules – we all have a go – and it works – much to the surprise of everyone – especially beginners.

I should mention that Therese has done some wonderful sketches on our Mini Sketch Tours. The above was done on Cockatoo Island.



Your technique of travel sketching with a small, simple set of supplies is very “liberating”, and your encouragement to your students is “empowering”. Even beginners are surprised how well they do at the Bathers tea/sketch classes. Looking forward to the next ‘Bathers High Tea with 3 more friends.


Kathi attends Sketch your Cake, and has been on our Sketch Getaways.


Annie – Gilbert Park

Things like waiting in a queue at the airport, riding the bus to work, even waiting in a grocery store checkout queue are all now sketching opportunities instead of tedious time wasters! I’ve been taking Erin’s travel sketching classes  and she’s taught me how to see and quickly sketch the world around us! Love the class. Highly recommend it!



Atsuko – Shops on Belgrave St.

Erin taught me how to see perspective clearly. As my drawing has been looking flat since I was an elementary student, I felt as if the scales had fallen from my eyes. I look forward to the next lesson!

Atsuko ( Atsuko will be opening EHS in Tokyo Japan in 2016

Jacquie. Victorian Townhouse.

Jacquie. Victorian Townhouse.

I was on a yoga retreat when fate introduced me to Erin and sketching. I am now hooked and passionate about it, because it adds a new dimension to my life,  allowing me to enjoy the things I love, the outdoors and people watching,  while busy focussing on colours and shapes and life! A sketch to me is more than a photograph because it captures a moment in time that is mine and does not have to be perfect! As a single  women I no longer feel alone in cafes or parks or on the beach,  because my sketchbook is my companion!


Jacquie lives on the South Coast and attends casual classes whenever she is in Sydney.

If you have enjoyed any of our Weekly Classes, Intensives, Private lessons, or Overseas  Sketch Holidays , I’d love to hear from you.  
These reviews are invaluable to me, to help make sure I give people the very best guidance I can on their Sketching Journeys.  You can email me at


  1. Pam Eyre

    Since joining Erin’s sketch classes my eyes have really been opened and I now see things very differently. I love taking photographs but to actually sketch something makes it so much more memorable. I have met a lovely and varied bunch of people along the way and I look forward to many more classes and trips (and coffees) Thank you Erin for your encouragement – you are an inspiration to all of us.


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  3. Kate Steel

    Dear Erin,
    What a fantastic day we all had on Saturday at the Pegasus Hotel. Due to the rain we didn’t venture outside – except to take photos – but that didn’t deter any of us, we just kept our heads down and sketched – ah bliss! You are so encouraging in telling us we can draw when we sometimes think we cant. I found it very interesting only using three colours whereas I would normally have a box full. I must remember to put my phone/camera away and just use my eyes to see objects before putting lines on a blank page. I am so pleased I was able to participate in this class with a wonderful group of ladies. Even managed to finish my lunch time sketch of my wrap and latte on the train on the way home. I was so engrossed with what I was doing I didn’t notice if anyone was watching.

    Looking forward to your next venture down south.

    King regards,
    Kate Steel
    Hampton Park


  4. Jenny Rose

    What a good excuse to come to Sydney, not only to see my son and his family, but to sketch with Erin. I met Erin in France, and was so taken with her impressionistic style, I had to have a go. So I joined the Travel Sketch Workshop on Sunday, and I was thrilled to be given permission to ” be free” Free from the prescribed way of drawing and painting. So I ended up with something that has life and energy to it, and now I can see possibilities in everything I look at, as colour and a ” jigsaw”.
    Erin is a great teacher, no fancy terms, just, ” this is what it is”, so easy to follow.
    Thank you to a lovely group of people, a great Cafe for lunch, and a wonderful ferry ride to Manly for ” school”.

    Erin, many thanks, and maybe catch up in France.



  5. Robbie Bryden

    Hi Erin,

    I love your ‘pep’ talk. It’s so true- sketching is my therapy- it has changed my life- the way I look at things- the people I’ve met- the places I’ve been. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to my new life, a life I didn’t know existed until about 18 months ago.

    Can’t wait to start this term!



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