Travel Sketching Kit

This is the ErinHill Travel Sketching Kit.

If you’re booking term classes the kit is available for purchase on your class booking form. Pickup at your first class. (Do get a little zip bag to put them in.)

We have custom designed our own Sketch Kit which you receive on your first day of class or Workshop. We use particular colours in both w’colour paint and aquarelle pencils. We apply them in a unique layering system. This keeps it simple, fast and is easy for you to learn how to apply colour to your sketches.

Exactly what you’ll need if you are sketching anywhere in the world. Designed to be minimal, fit in your shoulder bag and be ready to pullout anytime. Do get yourself a small zipper bag to hold everything in the sketch kit. You’ll also need to get a small water container. I use the pot shown below.

If you are joining our International Sketch Holidays, look for something which has similar colours. Brand is less important. We particularly need the yellow ochre colour in the aquarelle  pencils.

Do bring at least 2 or more sketchbooks.  You’ll fill them quickly and not always easy to purchase in some countries. Also bring 2 sets of aquarelle pencils. They are easy to misplace when traveling.

Essentially we use –

Cotmans Pocket Plus Watercolours.
We take out 4 colours – viridian, cadmium yellow, white and alizarin
Replace them with Cad Yellow Pale hue, Permanent Rose, Cerulean, Purple Lake.

1.Cadmium Yellow Pale hue  2.Yellow ochre  3.Cadmium red hue  4.Permanent rose  5.Burnt sienna  6.Burnt umber  7.Hookers green dark  8.Sap green 9.Cerulean 10. Ultramarine  11.Cobalt  12.Purple Lake

The ErinHill Travel Sketching Kit

Little zipper bag for all your Kit.

THE FULL SKETCH KIT – Value AU $150. (Comes with your Intro Course)
For all term classes,  Intensives, Travel Sketching Holidays. Uses 2 mediums.

* Cotman’s Pocket Plus Watercolour Set

* White Chinagraph pencil. 

A5 sized ringbound 110gsm Sketchbook ( 9 x 6 inches in USA )

* Set of black waterproof drawing pens.

* Set of 12 Watercolour Pencils. 

* Barrel Sharpener 

* Waterbrush pen.

Additional materials if you wish. White gel pens. Sepia drawing pens. Rosemary & Co traveling 1/4″ Dagger paint brush. 

(Please bring a small water pot like that shown above, with an attached lid. (empty the contents first)  for when we use watercolours, and a small pack of tissues)



  1. Erin,
    I just found your blog and am so inspired and impressed by all you have accomplished. I am an art teacher in San Diego, California and do some traveling and sketching.
    Can you share with me how you get as much done as you do? Any thoughts would be so helpful, do you have a staff?
    I would love to take a class with you and will save my $ for a ticket to Austrailian. Thanks, Barbara Roth


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