Sunday Workshop. The Art of Seeing


The weather report was for 35C. That sounds like a challenge for a group of students new to sketching. We are outside or plain-air folk.
Into the studio I went good and early to get the cool air going. That made a difference and when our lovely people arrived the place was cool and welcoming.

The Art of Seeing sums up what you’re about to learn. There in front of you is a 3d piece of nature. No longer a vas elf flowers but a collection of shapes and forms which you will learn to take apart visually.

Our first sketch was off to a flying start and soon we were up to adding colour. In our kits we have everything needed to be mobile and able to work anywhere anytime. Swatches were made and technique tried out and there they were. Completed sketches all in everyone’s unique style.

Off to the park where it was 10 degrees cooler than the air temperature, and our tree was waiting patiently for us to sketch it’s form. One of the resident magpies paraded around to check us out, so of course he ended up in the sketch.

The trees were sketched and and colour applied very fast. They are doing so well. Time to quickly spin around and sketch a palm tree. See how it’s trunk is formed. How do the leaves splay out, what shape are they etc etc. Done.

Lunch was calling. This is hungry work. As we wandered through the park, there was another resident strutting about. The Bush Turkey. You’ll see him in our sketches.
Our table at Girdlers was waiting and we sank into the seats and ordered drinks to start. We actually hadn’t felt the heat too much. Too busy.
We find it best to order our lunch and get back to sketching.
Time for watercolours.
We quickly sketched another tree based on our previous one. This would have chinagraph and colour applied. My demo was one for all to follow, and what great results were achieved.

Lunch arrived so we decided to eat up and clear the space for more sketching! Food does get relegated when sketching is happening. Not that we didn’t enjoy every mouthful and take time to sketch it. What fab results we all had. What a group of very happy people, discovering their own ability and sketching as they never believed they ever could.

Thanks everybody. You were amazing. Loved everything you did and we’s love to see you sketch with again soon.

Take a look at what you produced!


Wshop sketch2




Next Taste of Sketching Workshop – Sunday January 28 ’18

©ErinHill Sketching”18



  1. catpiperpsychology

    Thanks for a wonderful day Erin Hill. I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience (even the heat ;-D). I am looking forward to practicing and hopefully attending another course soon xCat

    Liked by 1 person

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