Archibald Prize Exhibition – more than Sketching

IMG_8691It’s nice to have a chance to grab some culture and go take in the Archibald Prize, Australia’s most popular and controversial portrait prize. You can guarantee you’ll be aghast at some of it, intrigued by some and puzzled by a lot of it and delighted by a few.  It certainly stretches your mind to what is possible or impossible.

Three of us wanted to have a Sketching visit and see what we thought. And we did have thoughts!

Our sketching started on the ferry from Manly to the city, and we headed through the Botanical Gardens to the outside cafe for coffee. From here we can see the terrace houses across at Woolloomooloo and we all had a go at those.

Then it was in with the crowds to see the paintings that made it. You always wonder of course! We’d thought there might be a chance to sketch in there but not with those crowds.

Straight over the road to have lunch at Pavilion on the Park and consider what we’d seen.

Pavilion on the Park Cafe

Pavilion on the Park Cafe

We tried out some colour combinations using the watercolour pencils. Red and blue pressed hard makes a lovely black. You can add some green if you like. Run the waterbrush over it and watch the colours pop. What a beautiful black. And with life.

We took time to admire the Gardens as we went back again, and then to the Botanical Art exhibition at the Lion Gate Gallery, on our way through. Such precision. Botancial painting is a million miles from what we’ve just seen. Or what we do as well.

Woolloomooloo Gates, Botanical Gardens

Woolloomooloo Gates, Botanical Gardens

Taking the sketch pics

Taking the sketch pics

So after all the art we’d seen we were feeling weary. Time to get back to the ferry for the relaxing half hour ride back home. No we don’t think we’ll enter anything in the Archibald. We love seeing it, and it’s never going to be our way of painting, but it’s great to see what other people can come up with. Sketching is still for us.

Off home we wander

Off home we wander



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