A Most Exotic Bouquet

Exotic Bouquet

Exotic Bouquet

Venta has set a new standard in flower giving.

We’ve been having trouble communicating lately – her computers and phones were off the air waves and I’d wondered if she had given us up.

But no, everything is up and working again and as class was starting, in walks Venta with the most glorious bouquet of exotics most of us had not seen before!

There were purple rose cabbages, gold and crimson orchids, and some protea leaves – about now we were lost. Whatever is the round one in the centre, looking at you with 50 green eyes? It’s from the moon I’m sure. Then were furry thistle like ones with turquoise leaves. All presented in taupe/plum paper, with a green lining, tied with a shot satin ribbon.

OMG. What is it about flowers! I was thrilled and almost without words. Did I even say thank you? Well I am now.

I felt a big loose sketch would be a nice way to keep this memory.

And did I say – now if anyone isn’t coming to class, or forgets to let me know!!! A bouquet like this and perhaps you’ll be forgiven.

From Whitehouse Flowers. Striking and creative floristry. Merci Beaucoup.



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