Quelle est la date aujourd’hui?


Sketch&French. Neuf heures trente. Le 18 Aout.

Well you know that deal I have with the weather. It didn’t work for long.

Absolutely bucketing down out there.

I was bringing our house guest to today’s class because she was keen to see what happens in a S&F class.

Sandrine was doing quite a bit of revision today, which is a very good idea. The kind of questions you’d want to ask plus the answers you’d expect to hear.  Everything from days, dates, seasons, and time was covered.  People are now beginning to work out the answer to Sandrine’s questions.

We had the street map out and she would ask where you would find particular places. Then you’d place your counter there once you’d listened to the directions for it.   With numbers once they’d been heard you then had to say how to spell it in the French alphabet.

It seems to be going in. Lots to remember but having some key phrases you know, will make a big difference.

Then our cafe au lait. Ooo we needed that.

Sketching time everyone. Move now onto your creative side. No we are staying inside today.   We have a silver model of the Eiffel Tower beside an brightly coloured fancy cup and saucer.   A little bit of perspective here, plus elipses with the tea cups.

Very important to think about these as they will appear in many times in the sketched you’ll be doing wherever you are.   Best if you’d had a crack at them before and you’ll feel you can get a feel for it.

Our guest had not sketched before, so it was good for all the class to go back over those core observations skills.   Her Eiffel Tower was excellent, as were the other sketches which had to include both the tower and the cup.

We managed to get everything completed in a limited time, get a pic of the work and say our au revoirs till next time.

This was the last of the 5 series however we’re extending by another 3 weeks by request.

A la semaine prochain.




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