Perfume,Hands,Streets & Boats

Our Sketching Week. Nov 22,23,24.  An excellent week for our sketchers. Take a look.

Thurs Nov 22. Perfume & Wooden hands

Thurs Nov 22. Perfume & Wooden hands

Thurs Nov 22. On Darley Rd.

Thurs Nov 22. On Darley Rd.


I love the new wooden hands they had in my Art store. One is slightly larger than the other so having two together is a great sketch for people.

The two hands are not forgiving if you don’t observe well before starting your sketch.

And seeing I sketched my new perfume yesterday, that was the inspiration for the other choice today.

Both setups were a challenge. Perfume bottles are designey & irregular shapes so you really have to look hard at them.

However everybody rose to the challenge.

The perfumes were: Balenciago Paris by Coty, Gucci by Gucci, Ange ou Demon ‘le secret’ by Givenchy, & Chanel No 5 by Chanel.

We were headed to Darley St to sketch the Kidstuff Toyshop displays. The huge wooden soldier is there to welcome you, and being next to the window display made for a colourful sketch.

Ethna did the streetscene with Katherine sketching in the foreground. Luella did one similar but then decided on the garbage bins just for fun.

Lunch was calling so we spread out on the big table at 3 Beans.

How will Friday class do with these challenges……………..

Fri Nov 23. Wooden hands & fragrance

Fri Nov 23. Wooden hands & fragrance

Fri Nov 23. Streetlife on Darley

Fri Nov 23. Streetlife on Darley


The wooden hands were again a challenge and we had some very successful sketches of them today. Each person’s own style really shows here.

The fragrance bottle sketches all had their own personalities and each a delight.

On our way to Darley St there was an important coffee stop to get everyone fired up for the next sketch.

The European Bakehouse was a nice but busy subject and for those who tackled it, a chance to make clear what’s in the foreground and what is behind.

Others chose street aspects, St Matthews opposite and people sitting.

All caught the mood of this busy street and the interest of intrigued passersby.

We then finished our sketches on the big table we scored at 3 Beans cafe.

So far this week everyone is working well with watercolour.

Now let’s see what Saturday’s class do with their beachside sketches………

Sat Nov 24. Boats, Bottles & Brushes

Sat Nov 24. Boats, Bottles & Brushes

Sat Nov 24. Manly Cove

Sat Nov 24. Manly Cove


All the Saturday people were in attendance for the final Saturday sketch for 2012.

Because we have a sketcher who is a diving & boating enthusiast, we had an extra still life setup to choose from.

Perfumes and boats, 2 sizes of wooden hands. Pick two and get them completed in 60 mins.

Everyone can do that now, although there is still a tendency to want to keep going!

This is sketching, not illustration.

Down to Manly Wharf and along the boardwalk to do something with boats.

Trevor was to do the Manly ferry as it was at the wharf for a good 10 mins, and the others chose a view which they felt summed up this wharf side & beach spot,

It was fish ‘n chips at the Manly Wharf hotel for lunch, sitting at a nice big table with a view.

Everyone felt very pleased with how far they’ve come in the weeks we’ve shared together.People are now able to launch themselves out there, sketchbook and pen at the ready anytime anywhere.

We’ll be keen to see the South Pacific sketches from Trevor- off on a cruise tomorrow.

Catch you all soon everyone.

More from the Thursday & Friday groups next week.




  1. Another wonderful post, Erin! So inspiring as always! I’ve been collecting perfume bottles for years and have quite a collection now but have never thought about painting them! I will certainly give it a go now! I always enjoy your blog so much that I’ve nominated you for a ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. Check out my latest post at for the details on how to accept. Keep well! Much love, Yvonne xx


    • Oh my goodness Yvonne,
      An award! That’s amazing. I’ll have to find out what to do next of course. Yes Ill check your link.
      Great that you keep your perfume bottles too. Some of my favourites are not made anymore sadly. Many are now synthetic rather than pure essence so don’t have staying power.
      Love to see your painting when it’s done.
      You too are a great inspiration to me. I always read every word when they come up.
      Love to you in the cold climate! XXE


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